Reinstatement Works Checklist: What Tenants Need to Know



Ending a lease agreement often entails more than just handing back the keys to your landlord. Many contracts require tenants to restore the premises to its original condition before vacating. This process, known as reinstatement work, can be complex and time-consuming. Here’s a comprehensive checklist that can guide tenants through this often-overlooked but crucial aspect of ending a lease.

Understand Your Lease Agreement

Before you begin any reinstatement work, you must revisit your lease agreement. This document will outline your obligations when it comes to restoring the property. Failure to adhere to these terms could result in legal disputes or financial penalties.

Create a Timeline

Creating a detailed timeline is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your reinstatement works are completed on time. You need to align the completion of restoration works with the end of your lease period. Begin by identifying the exact date the property needs to be vacated and work backwards to establish deadlines for each task. This approach ensures you allocate adequate time for unforeseen delays, helping to avoid last-minute stress.

Conduct an Initial Survey

Before starting with the actual work, it’s essential to thoroughly survey the premises to identify the scale of the work required. Compare the current state of the property with its condition when you first moved in, taking note of any wear and tear, alterations, or installations that need to be reversed. This survey will form the basis of your work schedule and provide contractors with a clear understanding of what’s required.

Get Quotes from Contractors

You’ll need professionals to carry out the reinstatement work. Get multiple quotes from experienced contractors to ensure you get the best deal. Ensure these quotes include cost and time estimates, and always check the contractor’s references and reviews. When discussing your needs, provide them with your timeline and the list of tasks identified in the initial survey.

Removal of Additions and Alterations

Start with removing any additions or alterations you’ve made during your tenancy. This could include partitions, signage, wall paintings, or other structural changes. Removing these elements is usually the first major step in reinstatement and should be planned carefully to avoid damage to the existing infrastructure.

Repair Damage

Once all additions are removed, the next step is to repair any damage. This could involve patching holes in the walls, repainting, or repairing broken fixtures and fittings. It’s essential to remember that ‘as new’ condition often means more than just removing your additions; it means fixing any wear and tear caused during your occupancy.

Deep Cleaning

A deep clean is almost always required before you return the keys. This goes beyond a regular office cleaning. Depending on your lease agreement, expect to hire professional cleaners to handle tasks such as carpet cleaning, wall washing, and sometimes even exterior cleaning.

Final Inspection

After the work is completed, conducting a final inspection is crucial. This should ideally be done with a checklist that references your initial survey and any requirements from your lease agreement. Document the state of the property with photographs, as this can offer protection in case of disputes about the condition of the premises.

Handover to Landlord

Upon satisfactory completion of the reinstatement work, you are now ready to return the property to the landlord. This process should be formal and involve a walkthrough with the landlord or their representative. They usually conduct their inspection, so having your checklist and photographic evidence can help ensure you’ve met all requirements.


Reinstatement work is often the final hurdle in ending a commercial lease, and it’s one that tenants can overlook or underestimate. Having a comprehensive checklist to guide you can make the process far less stressful. Always read your lease carefully, plan well in advance, and consult professionals to ensure a smooth transition out of your commercial space.

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