The Ultimate Guide to Aircon Overhaul: What You Can Expect



Maintenance is necessary to guarantee that your air conditioner operates well and lasts a long time. Even with routine maintenance, your air conditioner may eventually need an air conditioning overhaul, which is a more thorough service. This book will help you comprehend the significance of aircon overhauls in Singapore and the steps involved by giving you a detailed look at what to expect from them.

In-Depth Inspection

An extensive examination of the complete unit is the first stage of an air conditioning overhaul. All parts of your air conditioning system, such as the blower fans, filters, evaporator and condenser coils, and electrical connections, will be inspected by technicians. A thorough inspection like this one aids in finding any hidden problems that routine maintenance inspections could miss. Technicians can identify the best course of action to restore the unit’s performance and efficiency by evaluating the state of each component.

Deep Cleaning

The system’s thorough cleaning is one of the most important parts of an air conditioning overhaul. Dust, filth, and other materials build up on the coils and filters, among other elements of the air conditioner, over time. This accumulation can obstruct airflow, lower system efficiency, and make the system work harder, which can increase energy consumption and perhaps cause malfunctions. Every part of an air conditioner is meticulously cleaned using specialist chemicals during an overhaul. This procedure, also known as an air conditioning chemical overhaul, gets rid of any impurities so the unit may run as efficiently as possible.

Replacing Components

An air conditioning overhaul may include replacing worn-out or broken parts in addition to cleaning. Over time, components such as contactors, capacitors, and fan belts might deteriorate and impair the unit’s functionality. During the examination, technicians will evaluate these parts and suggest replacements if needed. By replacing key elements, the overhaul guarantees the proper operation of the air conditioning system and helps avoid future malfunctions.

Check and Refill the Refrigerant Level

An essential component of an air conditioner’s cooling operation is the refrigerant. Technicians will check the refrigerant levels to make sure they are within the recommended range during an air conditioning overhaul. Low refrigerant levels can make the system work harder and less efficiently, which increases energy consumption and wear and strain on the unit. In order to guarantee that the system can cool efficiently, specialists will replenish the refrigerant if it is low.

Inspecting the Electrical System

An electrical system analysis is part of an air conditioning overhaul. Technicians inspect all electrical connections, wiring, and components for wear and damage. Poor electrical connections can cause a device to operate inefficiently or perhaps be dangerous. The overhaul contributes to the air conditioner’s continued safe and effective functioning by guaranteeing that all electrical parts are in good working order.

Testing and Calibration of Systems

System testing and calibration are the last steps of an air conditioning overhaul, which come after all cleaning, repairs, and inspections are finished. Technicians operate the device to ensure that all parts are operating as intended and that the cooling system is working efficiently. They also calibrate the thermostat and other controls to guarantee precise temperature regulation. During this testing process, the air conditioner is tested to ensure that it is functioning at its best and prepared to deliver consistent cooling.


A complete treatment that goes above and above routine maintenance to guarantee your air conditioner runs effectively and dependably is called an aircon overhaul. An overhaul takes care of every facet of the unit’s functioning, including a complete inspection, deep cleaning, component replacement, refrigerant level check, electrical system evaluation, and system testing. This procedure prolongs the life of your air conditioner while also increasing its efficiency and cooling capability. A good investment for anyone who wants to keep their air conditioning system operating at peak efficiency is to schedule an aircon chemical overhaul.

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